Decorative Painter & Faux Finisher lends hand on San Diego’s Palace in the Sky

Completed in 2007, the Shaw condominium required the workmanship of several artisans in many fields.  My contribution was as decorative painter and faux finish artist.  During 9 months of work I helped create  what the local media coined as the “Palace in the Sky.”  A palace indeed is what the Shaw penthouse resembled.

During the next few days, I will be talking about the different decorative finish techniques and materials  I used in this project.  I believe that if you are a faux finish painter, you will find these techniques useful.  Photographs of the different finishes will be accompanied by step by step instructions including a novel way of applying venetian plaster, as well as a product list and tools needed.

These are a few photos showing the kind of workmanship that went into the project.  Quite a place to live huh?

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