My previous post mentioned the decorative treatment I gave the doors and windows of the Shaw “Palace in the Sky” penthouse in San Diego. That part of the project took nearly 5 weeks as there are nearly 40 window and doors some reaching 25 feet in height.
Now the real work begins. In Italy, the Baroque style was reflected in opulent ornamentation that was both dramatic and extravagant. To this end the owner decided to install nearly $ 70,000.00 of molding from J. P. Weaver. J. P. Weaver produces a flexible, paintable resin based classic interior ornamentation. Very cool stuff to work with. We would create a design motif, figure out the placement of the ornamentation then create a color scheme for the various pieces that would come together on the walls, ceilings doors or fireplaces.
I had a workshop set up what would become one of the guest guest bedrooms and it was here where I experimented with color combination. Some of the moldings were given a faux bois technique to simulate some of the exotic woods installed in the penthouse.
All of the molding pieces had a lot of distinctive detail all of which had it’s own particular color scheme which the owner insisted needed to be adhered to. That meant that all the berries had to be a specific color and all the branches had to have this effect and all the leaves had to be shaded appropriately etc. This was quite an tedious undertaking. I could spend an entire day painting just two pieces of molding.
After the moldings were decorated they needed to be glazed to give the illusion of age. The following photographs show the many areas we installed the J. P. Weaver molding.

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