Decorative Artists in San Diego are lucky

If you are a decorative artist in San Diego or are contemplating dipping your paint brush into the world of Faux Finishes, then consider yourself lucky. San Diego has a wealth of resources for the aspiring decorative artist. This article will be one in a series describing the kind of resources available both in terms of artistic education and raw materials available.

I’ll cover everything from Venetian Plaster to stencils to glazes and even some innovative uses of metallic foils and other decorative textures. Decorative painting, be necessity, has become something of generic term these days. The Faux Finish artist can now incorporate several new materials and techniques into his or her portfolio and San Diego as you will discover is just the place to learn these techniques.

I will also detail a few interesting ways of using textured materials that yield finishes that can be elegant and or rustic, using inexpensive materials from Home Depot. I’ll incorporate metallic paints with glazes and stencils with Venetian Plaster and foils with stains and on and on.

Along the way, I will give you a list a schools in and around the San Diego area that teach faux finish techniques and sell a variety of decorative painting and venetian plaster materials, I’ll also throw in my assessment of their “value”.

Stay tuned, there will be a lot to learn and benefit from in the coming weeks.

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