The Newest Metallic Trend

Metallic looking faux finishes have been around for sometime now and the application techniques have evolved to the point where they yield some very hi end looking wall treatments. I’ve recently discovered a relatively newer form of metallic faux finish that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, metallic foils.

Metallic foils have certainly been used for many decorative purposes but not until very recently have they been used as wall treatments. The image you see attached to this story is a sample board of a faux marquetry technique I recently learned. This technique uses two different metallic foils which have been adhered to the surface using a water based sizing material. The marquetry effect is achieved using a self adhesive masking pattern called Modellos.

I have yet to execute this faux finish on an actual wall but I do see the potential and the uniqueness of this technique. Metallic foil wall treatments would look great in powder rooms, ceiling trays, furniture and as accent walls.

In my gallery you will see other sample boards I have made using metallic foils and other materials. If you are interested in seeing or learning more about metallic foils and some very inspiring application techniques, I would encourage you to check this link out., I believe you will indeed be inspired to learn more.

Faux finishes continue to evolve and become more interesting. Metallic foils are the latest entry and we are lucky to have some very talented people to learn from.

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