Pompeii Panel

One day I walked into my workshop and felt totally uninspired. There were no projects on my agenda, no pressing faux finish samples that needed to be created nothing to that needed to be done. So I fumbled through some magazines I had laing about when I came across a story about an interior designer in San Diego working. The story featured a room in which she had commissioned a New York City artist to create a Pompeii panel.

The panel was created by some big deal artist and came with a big deal price tag, some $ 6,000.00. The panel looked nice, but not 6000 dollars worth. That was when I decided that I could closely reproduce that Pompeii panel for much less money.

All I had to go by was the photograph as there was no mention of materials or process. I examined the photo closely to see if I could discern telltale signs of a venetian plaster application or other decorative or faux finish application method. As it turned out, I couldn’t get a clue as to what went into making this Pompeii panel. So I decided to wing it.

I’m familiar enough with venetian plaster, faux finishes and decorative painting techniques that I could put something together that would look great. But, I also wanted make sure I could execute this panel without spending too much time on it. You see, I’m always looking for a way to market whatever I create so this Pompeii panel had to be practical too.

In the next few posts I will describe step by step the process I followed to make the Pompeii panel you see below. I will use no authentic venetian plasters will show you that you don’t even need an artist brush. pompeii-panel

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