Faux Effects, Modern Masters, Variance etc etc

During my long tenure as a decorative painter and faux finish artist, I have used a variety of materials to create beautiful finishes for my clients. From authentic Italian venetian plasters to American manufactured metallic and specialty plasters and glazes I have much of what has been made available.

The problem with some of these products, especially in these times, is the exorbitant cost. Imported venetian plasters are almost by definition expensive especially when you are purchasing them with Euros but paying with undervalued American dollars. In addition, I often find that the wall surfaces of the many of the finer homes I work on have been given an orange peel texture in order to disguise less than perfect workmanship by the drywall installers. This texture limits what I can do as a decorative painter and requires addition steps in order to prepare it for the finer upscale decorative treatments that venetian plaster offer.

So, I am always on the look out for more cost effective yet distinctive alternatives to Italian plasters. Plasters that will provide an upscale decorative finish but will also allow me to lower the cost to my clients. In the next few days I will relate my experiences and opinions of the different venetian plaster alternatives I have used. Some of these products will offer advantages over others , some will require what I call that certain decorative painters flair.

Take a look at the related websites for some of these faux finish product companies and you will see that there are plenty of products to choose from and to try. If you happen to have a couple thousand bucks hanging around you could purchase a quart of each product and experiment to see what they can do. Alternatively you could stay tuned to my blog for the next few days and see some of the sample boards and projects I have completed using these newer decorative painting and faux finish products. I’ll also throw in my honest assessment of their usefulness and cost factors. See you soon and stay tuned, you may find something of value here.


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