More IDAL Samples

I wanted to show you a few samples I saw at the IDAL convention a couple weeks ago. These samples were made by Melanie Royals owner of Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs.

Melanie used a material called Skimstone and her Modello masking patterns to create these beautiful cement carpets.

Skimstone is an hybridized Portland Cement created in such a way that it allows for unique new decorative techniques and finishes. It was developed for both the DIY and Professional. Skimstone was originally created as a concrete overlay system but has been used in many different creative ways.

These carpets, while done on a fabric backing for display purposes, will work on most concrete surface.

While I am not a Skimstone aficionado, I have seen up close the beautiful end results that can be achieved using this material. This is especially true when you incorporate Melanie Royals Modello masking patterns. You can see many more beautiful samples Melanie has created at her website:

I think they are pretty cool looking designs and I plan to take the next Skimstone/Modello workshop she offers here in San Diego. Enjoy.

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