Interesting New Tool

A week or so ago I attended a demonstration of a new tool for creating decorative textured effects on ceilings.  The company doing the demo’s is called Sewards Extraordinary Ceiling Designs.   The owner of the business, Linda Seward and her crew showed the class several sample boards of finishes she created using an simple looking tool.

The tool as far as I can remember didn’t even have a name but it sure gave yielded some interesting results.  The tool which resembles a plate affixed to a handle would be dipped into a bucket of joint compound and then “walked” onto the ceiling.  This process of walking the the joint compound onto the ceiling creates a pattern the looks very much the veining of a leaf.

The veining  texture left by the tool, which has no name as far as I know,  has substantial relief to it and looks rather uninteresting when first applied.   What gave this texture a distinctive decorative look was what Linda did next.

After the veining texture set up a little, she shaved off the high points with a blade and allowed the joint compound to dry fully.  Once the joint compound had dried, Linda then began using a variety of  metallic  paints and other decorative media to give the texture color and shine.

I have to tell you, I was not expecting to see such nice results from such a simple looking tool.   It is my understanding that the tool can also be used on walls with just a slight variation on the joint compound consistency.

This tool could have some very definite uses as an  inexpensive solution to bland looking ceilings, popcorn ceilings etc.

Their website is not the best in the world but don’t  let that stop you from checking out this tool.  I will be incorporating this new patented tool and creating new decorative finishes of my own with it soon enough.  In the mean time,  here a few photos of Linda’s sample boards.   For more info and to ask question I provide a link to their web site.

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