Moroccan Stencil in San Diego Restaurant.

It’s been a while since I have posted a How To article but I have been busy.

I just completed a project for a new restaurant in the Little Italy area of San Diego called La Villa and I wanted to describe a cool finish I did on the front of the main bar.

The technique is simple enough to execute and as you can see is quite attractive.

Ok here are your step by step instructions for  this technique.

You will need the following materials from Modern Masters :  Iron Paint,   Rust Activator,  Permacoat Xtreme.

In San Diego these products can be purchased from Dunn Edwards.

You will also need 2 or 3 different colors of Modern Masters  metallic plaster  or Lusterstone from Faux Effects.

For this project I selected  from Modern Masters the following colors of metallic plaster:  Ocean Blue,  Eggplant and  Sage.

The stencil can be purchased from Royal Design Studio, see their web site, they  have much to like and a bounty of inspiration.

Royal Design Studio  stencil # 3010L Large Curved Connection


Base coat surface with a dark brown or black satin paint.

Give the surface a coat of MM IRON PAINT, 100% coverage and allow to dry

Apply the MM ACTIVATOR over the entire surface, spray or sponge on.   Ideally, you want to have a variety of rusted movement and color.   That is to say have areas that are lighter and some darker, a lot of rust movement.  DO NOT SEAL at this time.

Create 3 separate batches of metallic plaster mixes.   The metallic plaster batches are  a mixture of  metallic plaster  and IRON PAINT at ratios of about  6 parts metallic plaster to 1 part of Iron Paint.  The Iron Paint is black and will darken your metallic plaster but essentially unifies  all three colors so that no one color is dominate.

I used the Ocean Blue color as my primary color and the other two colors as accents.

Stencil on the metallic plaster over the rusted surface in a somewhat distressed manner, ie do not try to be perfect with your application.  Click on the image to enlarge and get a better idea of what I mean.

A good hint to remember is to try and stencil more of the edges of the design nicely and leave the “center” areas more distressed.   In other words, define the edges of the design.

Allow the plasters to dry.   Using a sponge or small brush apply more RUST ACTIVATOR onto the surface trying to just reach the metallic plaster areas so that they too activate and rust just a bit.  This will help unify the effect even more.

ALTERNATIVELY:     Apply the metallic plasters directly over the IRON PAINT prior to using the activator. Then use the ACTIVATOR over the entire finish  The finish will look a bit different but will still be nice, and quicker for sure.   I hope you try it out.

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